WILPF Keep Space for Peace Week Events

Here is the list of WILPF sponsored or co-sponsored Keep Space for Peace events, October 1 to 8 or within same general time frame. . Send your own reports to carol.disarm@gmail.com . All events will be listed on the Global Network website after Bruce Gagnon and Mary Beth Sullivan return from their trip to India for Keep Space for Peace (September 27 to October 27). We invite reports of from one to four paragraphs. Photos, copies of fliers or media stories are welcomed with electronic format preferred.

We plan to assemble the reports for the publication reporting on UN World Space Week events, and for presentation to the UN agencies monitoring compliance with space law. For information on this effort click on UN World Space Week.

Ashland , OR (Oct 6 Tabling on space issues at Amy Goodman event) Linda Richards WILPF contact.

Beaverton , OR (Oct 2 Holly Gwinn Graham space songs performance at Southminster Presbyterian Church at 7:30 pm) Celeste Howard WILPF contact.

Cambridge , MA (Oct 5 Public Forum/Space Video Showing at Central Square Branch Public Library, 6:00 pm) AFSC/WILPF Claire Gosselin WILPF contact.

Edina , Minnesota (Oct 2 demonstration and civil disobedience at Alliant Tech, major missile defense and nuclear weapons contractor) Ellen Barfield for WILPF contact..

London, UK(September 12) WILPF International Executive Committee approves a Resolution urging all Sections to participate in Space for Peace Week and outlining a program of action in support of PAROS at the United Nations. See http://www.wilpf.int.ch/resolutions/2006.htm#paros

Minneapolis, MN Launch of Keep Space for Peace week with "Social Evening for Disarmament" Sept 30, featuring three leaders of national WILPF DISARM campaign participating in Stop the Merchants of Death Conference Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 in Twin Cities. Leslie Reindl WILPF contact.

New York , NY (Sept 29, WILPF information leaflets on PAROS distributed at a Neighbors for Peace forum on the Middle East) Jean Verthein WILPF contact.

Oslo, Norway (Oct 9 Press release and letter to Norwegian officials demanding active participation in demilitarizing space and ensuring that radar "Globus 2" in Vardø does not become a part of US super power plans) Edel Havin Beukes, Norwegian WILPF contact.

Oslo, Norway (Oct 10) Vigil at US Embassy and delivery of letter to President Bush calling for end to space militarization and support of PAROS) Edel Havin Beukes, Norwegian WILPF contact.

Portland , ORegon

Saint Paul, MN (Oct 1 Workshop and power point on space issues at Stop the Merchants of Death Conference) MacGregor Eddy WILPF contact.

Sacramento , CA (Oct 7 WILPF vigil and leafleting on weapons in space 11 am to 1 pm at Cathedral Square light rail stop.) Ellen Schwartz, WILPF contact.

Tucson , AZ (Oct 6 Community vegetarian supper/Raging Grannies sing/space video) Pat Birnie WILPF contact.

USA (Oct 1 through November 1) US WILPF national post card project urging U.S. Representatives to co-sponsor H R 2420 banning weapons in space). Go to http://www.wilpf.int.ch/resolutions/2006.htm#paros . Kate Zaidan WILPF Contact.

Vandenberg Air Force Base , CA (Oct 7 Demonstration front gate 1-3pm) speakers Jackie Cabasso and others. Co-sponsored with Gobal Network. MacGregor Eddy WILPF contact.

Beaverton, Oregon