MacGregor Eddy's Sentencing Statement

MacGregor sends this report of her sentencing for crossing the line at Vandenberg Air Force Base to read the Nuremberg Principles to arresting officers. The demonstration was sponsored by WILPF and Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space. The decision to cross into the base was MacGregor's own, and an act of conscience. MacGregor Eddy is a member of the DISARM Issue Committee Leadership Team.

On June 15 I was sentenced to two years probation, suspended jail time and a $2,500 fine for my arrest at Vandenberg Air Force Base during the Keep Space for Peace protest on October 8 2005.

Before sentencing I was allowed to make a statement and I chose to quote CG Weeramantry , World Court judge and author of Armageddon or Brave New World? Reflections on the Hostilities in Iraq. My statement follows:

Your honor I went to Vandenberg to ask that our government respect
international law. Here are the words of Judge Weeramantry, an expert in
this area.

“ Force, unilateral action, aggression, pre-emptive strikes and
rejection of peaceful settlement of international disputes can then
become the order of the day, legitimized by the actions of the most
powerful members of the world community of nations and inviting other
nations to do the same in they can. Force will then succeed law as the
arbiter of that which is right or wrong and after millennia of human
struggle leading upwards from the law of the jungle to the rule of law
we would be back where we began…..While the brutalities of war are known
to everyone and are flashed on television screens around the world, the
devastation caused to the international legal system passes virtually
unnoticed. Its twin towers of the United Nations and international law
have suffered a frontal attack and this receives scant attention with no
attempt to repair the damage. “

Upholding international law is not just the responsibility of diplomats and judges, it is the job of ordinary citizens. As residents of the
world power that is waging illegal and immoral wars of aggression, we
have a heavy responsibility. When the United Nations, world opinion and
international law have failed to stop these crimes there is nothing left
but for us to act as individual members of civil society.

(end of excerpt from sentencing statement)

I want to thank all of the people who have given me
encouragement , advice, money, and every kind of support.
Because of you I knew I was not alone.

yours in peace, MacGregor Eddy

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Judge Weeramantry's book is available at