Let us remember and honor the many victims of nuclear weapons with lantern ceremonies, prayers and Buddhist chants. At the same time let us rededicate ourselves to abolition of those weapons. Let us use these days to educate ourselves, to communicate with Congress, to support UN nuclear disarmament treaties, to expose those corporations promoting and producing nuclear weapons for profit. Let us prepare ourselves for another year of work toward our goal..

Check and use some of the many resources listed below the photo of a nuclear explosion. May the world never such an explosion again!.

Read reports received from US WILPF Branches on 2006 observances in the U.S. for ideas, and access reports from other US organizations and Hiroshima as well.

Report your own Branch events to WILPF DISARM for posting on our web sites and for our records.

Report all events to www.august6.org, the national web site endorsed by UFPJ. You will find additional resources there, as well as info on Hiroshima-Nagasaki events nationwide.

Resources for Hiroshima-Nagasaki Week

Urgent Nuclear Weapons Issues in the U.S. Congress

Click here for brief summaries and resource contacts on key nuclear issues before Congress including the Complex 2030 and rebuilding the entire nuclear weapons stockpile, billions for unneeded "Reliable Replacement Warheads" -- a boon for the nuclear profiteers but an unnecessary danger for the world.

Download a postcard supporting H Res 68 calling for abolition of nuclear weapons. Use the post card and share the other information during your Hiroshima-Nagasaki week commemorations. Contact your Representative and Senators during their August recess, and keep working on these issues when they return to Washington.

The United Nations and abolishing nuclear Weapons

Educate yourself and others on the progress in the United Nations toward abolition of nuclear weapons. One excellent source is the nuclear disarmament treaty index on WILPF's Reaching Critical Will (RCW). Learn about successful existing treaties, the World Court ruling that nuclear weapons are illegal, and additional proposed treaties as necessary steps toward nuclear weapons abolition. Reaching Critical Will is a leader in the NGO effort to achieve a nuclear weapons abolition treaty through the United Nations and will be organizing and reporting on NGO presentations at the 2008 Nuclear Proliferation Treaty meetings in Geneva. In 2009 RCW is working to get the NPT prep com to take place in Hiroshima, and in 2010 the Review Conference will be in New York where many of us can attend.

Challenging Nuclear Weapons War Profiteers

In 2006 NGOs across the US, including our Branches in Pittsburgh and the California Bay Area, helped shut down Bechtel for an entire day during Hiroshima-Nagasaki Week. This year some Branches may wish to engage in similar demonstrations at nuclear military bases, corporations profiteering on nuclear weapons production, or at nuclear waste sites in their own communities. Read fact sheets on the DIrty Dozen nuclear weapons profiteers now in process of being updated by WILPF Reaching Critical WIll in cooperation with the Arms Trade Resource Center and War Resisters League. Use the LOCAL feature on Google to locate subcontractors of the major nuclear war profiteers (Bechtel, Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, etc.) in your area.

Mayors for Peace and the international 2020 Vision campaign to abolish nuclear weapons

Mayors for Peace is one of the most effective organizations working on local and international levels for abolition of nuclear weapons. We are proud that so many WILPF members in Branches from Santa Cruz, Portland and Ashland in the west to Boston in the east have helped enlist Mayors for Peace in the USA. Scroll down the list of United States Mayors for Peace.

Is your Mayor participating in the Hiroshima Day commemorations, or issuing a proclamation for the day.? Continue to help us enlist Mayors for Peace in our own communities and worldwide in the 2020 Vision Campaign for nuclear weapons abolition led by Mayor Akiba of Hiroshima and the new Mayor of Nagasaki. We grieve that Mayor Itoh, for 12 years vice President for Mayors for Peace, was assassinated in April 2007 during his re-election campaign.

Use action and education tools in the IPPNW initiated ICAN campaign in addition to those in WILPF's own Reaching Critical Will.

WILPF member Felicity Hill has initiated ICAN, an international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons, within the International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) organization. Felicity is also newly elected as an international vice president of WILPF, and we can expect further revitalization of Reaching Critical Will which has long been a close partner of IPPNW. RCW is also currently committed to developing action and education tools for WILPF members around the world. We look forward to close cooperation with ICAN during the next three years.